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Refractive Surgery Services

Why choose AcuraVision Clinics for your spectacle removal
  • More than 25 years of experience in Lasik.

  • Thousands of satisfied patients.

  • Best & Fast Femto and Excimer Laser Machines.

  • All (Techniques) spectacle power removal available under one roof.

  • Honest Advice.

Various Techniques for Spectacle Removal at AcuraVision Clinics

Corneal Procedures involving making of Flap

  • Blade Lasik

  • Bladefree Lasik ( Femto Lasik)

No Flap Corneal Procedures

  • Surface Ablation (PRK / E- Lasik)

  • Lenticule Extraction (Clear / Smile)

Procedures of implanting lens inside eye

  • Phakic lens(IPCL/ICL)

  • Refractive lens exchange(CLE)

Blade Lasik


A thin flap of cornea made with micro –keratome blade & folded back. Deeper corneal layers are reshaped by Excimer Laser and flap is reposted back.

Blade Free Lasik
(Femto Lasik)

A very thin flap of cornea is made by Femtosecond Laser instead of Microkeratome blade. Rest of the procedure is same as in Blade Lasik.

  • More Precise, Uniform, Thinner flap made that allows relatively more spectacle power removal.

  • Safe in steeper or flatter corneas also.

  • Early visual recovery.

  • Cannot be done in too thin corneas.

  • Dryness for few months

  • More expensive.

  • Leaves very fine mark on cornea.


Surface Ablation (PRK / E- Lasik)

Superficial layer of cornea removed either by scrapping or with help of alcohol instead of making a flap. Deeper corneal layer is reshaped by Excimer layer and a bandage contact lens placed on cornea for safety & comfort.

  • Flapless procedure so no flap related problems forever.

  • No / very less dryness.

  • No marks on cornea

  • Can be done in thin cornea also, without compromising its strength.

  • More discomfort, especially in first two days.

  • Late visual recovery.

  • Only small spectacle power can be corrected.


Lenticule Extraction (Clear / Smile)

It is the latest flapless & bladeless technique that is completely Femtolaser procedure. A lenticule of corneal layer is made and extracted out to reshape cornea.

  • Bladeless flapless latest procedure with early visual recovery unlike surface ablation.

  • No flap related problems forever.

  • Can be done is relatively thinner cornea without compromising its strength.

  • Higher spectacle power can also be corrected.

  • ​No / Very less dryness.

  • More Expensive.


Phakic Lens
(IPCl / ICL)

These are very thin  foldable lenses which are implanted inside the eye in the space between iris & natural lens of eye. It is custom made according to patient’s individual parameters.

  • Can correct high spectacles power also.

  • Can be done in too thin cornea or where corneal procedures are contraindicated.

  • Accommodative capability of eye is retained.

  • More Expensive.


Refractive Lens Exchange (CLE)

In this natural lens of the eye is extracted out & replaced with artificial lens of appropriate type and power so as to decrease dependence on spectacles.

  • Sometimes it is the only option in a patient having high spectacle power but not suitable for IPCL.

  • Good for patient having high Plus (+) spectacles power, especially in age more than 35- 40 years.

  • Accommodative capability of eye is lost.

  • Increases risk of detachment in high myopic patients.

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