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There is a natural lens in our eye which helps in focusing of light on retina. Any loss of transparency or clouding of this lens is called Cataract or “Safed Motiya”.

Aging is the most common cause of cataract. It can occur anytime after 40 years of age. However different people get it at different age just like graying of hairs can happen at different age in different person.

Apart from aging, cataract can occur as a result of trauma, as side effect of some medication, because of some other disease of eye or body and also rarely as developmental anomaly.

Here, at AcuraVision we have world class cataract surgery facilities- Phacoemulsification, AI/Robotic cataract surgery. We also have a wide variety of lenses- Monofocal, Aspheric lenses, Multifocal lenses.


Surgery is the only available treatment for Cataract. There is no known medicine to prevent or delay the process of cataract formation or to treat cataract. During surgery opaque natural lens is replaced by artificial lens called Intra Ocular Lens or IOL.


Conventional Micro Incision Cataract Surgery / Phacoemulsification (MICS)

This is the most prevalent technique of cataract surgery, being performed for last 30 years. There have been various modifications and advancements in this technique. However basic technique remains the same where a surgeon uses blade and other instruments for making small cut in the eye and then removes the cataract by emulsifying and sucking it out through a small cut which seals without any stitch.

Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS)/ AI or Robotic Cataract Surgery

This is the latest and most advanced technique of Cataract Surgery. In this technique most of the critical steps of surgery are performed with the help of Femto Laser. That is why it is called bladeless or robotic cataract surgery. The advantage is that with this technique results are more precise and the quality of vision regained is much better.

Why should an experienced and good surgeon need Femto Laser?

This is a very common query that many of the patients and their relatives ask. They wish to know what additional benefits they get by paying extra amount for Femto Laser Technique. To answer their query we often give a very simple example. Different persons have different hand writings. It may vary from illegible to very clean and fine hand writing. However a print out from computer and printer is still more precise and consistent when compared with the best of hand written documents. Femto Laser gives that type of repeatable precision every time one performs the surgery. A good surgeon can use Femto Laser not only to give excellent results consistently but also give additional advantages like customization the corneal curvature for individual patient so that the advantages of the best IOL are not only fully achieved but further enhanced.

Apart from enhancing the result in the routine cataract surgery, Femto Laser Technique is very useful in several complicated situations like diabetic patients, patients with hard and mature cataracts and sublunated cataracts etc.


A patient and his relatives have to not only choose the technique but also choose the right Lens (IOL) for his eyes. IOLs are made of different materials and they also vary in their optical performance. All IOLs perform the basis function of forming the image of an object but the quality of the image formed may vary accordingly. For example all cameras from the most basic ones to the most advanced ones can take the photograph, but the clarity, contrast and brightness of that photograph varies according to the type of camera used to click that photograph.


Degree of Spectacle Independence

All IOL reduce the need for wearing high powered thick glass spectacles but their ability to provide spectacle independence may vary accordingly to the specific condition of one’s eye, the type of work one performs and the expectations one has regarding the results of cataract surgery.

Monofocal IOLS and Toric IOLs (For those who have pre-existent cylindrical power in their cornea) are the best IOLs for those who do not mind wearing glasses specially for near work. They are also the best IOLs for those who want the best possible vision irrespective of the need to wear spectacles.

Those who demand to be more spectacle independent there are other options like EDOF and Trifocal IOLs. EDOF IOLs aim to give spectacle independence for distance and intermediate work. Trifocal IOLs provide spectacle independence for all distances.

Some EDOF and Trifocal IOL have rings on their surface which cause some disturbances in the vision specially at night. There are other options of EDOF and Trifocal IOLS which do not have rings on their surface and hence cause lesser visual disturbances.

Every patient should discuss his needs and expectations with his surgeon and choose the IOL which is the best for himself. However one should always understand that using the best technique and the best IOL according to one’s need is essential to achieve the desired result yet nothing can ever be guaranteed when one is dealing with human body.

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