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Glaucoma is an eye disease in which pressure inside the eye increases. In Hindi it is called “Kala Pani” which is a misnomer as some people think that it is watering of eye. The high eye pressure causes damage to Optic Nerve Fibers which carry light signals from retina to brain, where it is perceived and we visualize an object. This Damage to Optic Nerve is irreversible thus leading to permanent blindness.

What are Symptoms of glaucoma?

In some type of glaucoma eye becomes red, painful & patient reaches to eye specialist early .Urgent diagnosis and treatment in such cases saves eyes from becoming blind. But in certain types of Glaucoma the damage occurs slowly without any symptoms or having mild eye ache / brow ache. Such Glaucoma’s are diagnosed only on measuring the eye pressure or on seeing optic nerve damage in routine eye examined. So, it is advisable for a person, especially those with high risk to get eyes tested by an Ophthalmologist after 40years of age.


Who are at higher risk of developing glaucoma?

  • Whose parents had Glaucoma.

  • Myopic i.e. having minus power glasses.

  • Diabetic.

  • Those using steroid eye drops for long period.


At AcuraVision Clinics Glaucoma is rationally analyzed & treated with

Or Combination of these.

Many patients who were having uncontrolled or advanced Glaucoma and had become hopeless, were benefited at our Centre and are retaining their useful vision. We are specialized in Combined Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery which cure both diseases in one Surgery.

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